BAD RafaRibeiro
NOT PAYING!!! I had two deposits, followed all the recommendations but I didn t see my profit. S C A M!
2017-03-08 22:39:27
BAD yumyum7
NOT PAYING!!!!48 hour plan, we can not withdraw at all!
2017-02-27 11:41:19
BAD meeximilian
NOT PAYING!!!!! Because you broke our rule,lead your account s instant withdraw closed. Now,we provide this solution,please read carefully don t broke our rule again.You need to deposit $350 again from your e-wallet account on 5%-6% hourly for 48 hours plan.After you deposit, your account s instant withdraw will automatically restored ,then you can withdraw with instant pay all the time like your 1st withdraw.
2017-02-27 09:29:03
BAD Wesli
I m waiting 03 payments for 22/01/2017,23/01/2017 24/01/2017 l don t like this , it was serious before
2017-01-24 05:20:32
BAD cpttavi
2017-01-15 06:33:09